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Expert Siding Services on Long Island, NY!

Whether you're looking for professional, trusted roofing, gutter and siding services or top class bathroom renovation, kitchen installation or even extension construction - we've got you covered all across Ronkonkoma and Long Island, NY! Home Works Home Improvement is fully licensed and insured, and always provides award-winning customer service. For your free in-home estimate, please call (631) 218-0241 or (877) 279-6077 to speak with our top team.
Top Tier Bathrooms & Kitchens 

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why we believe that our valued clients deserve an incredible kitchen that is as inspiring as it is functional! Using only the absolute best in materials, we can deliver a stunning kitchen that will delight the whole family! What’s more, we are committed to working within your budget. What are you waiting for? Call our friendly specialists for a free consultation and let us inspire!

Having an inspiring bathroom design and installation can greatly add to the value and atmosphere of our homes. With Home Works Home Improvement, that doesn’t have to be expensive. We are experts in maximizing your homes potential by producing customized designs that will give your bathroom the top class flair that you deserve!

Stunning Extensions 

All across Long Island, NY, we have seen many of our clients adding sizable value to the value of their home with a Home Works Home Improvement Extension. We combine top design, expert craftsmanship, and the best materials to produce an exciting addition to any home. We have seen many of their clients adding sizable value to the asking price of their properties, and since we combine our top-level service with incredible rates, it’s a fantastic investment opportunity! 

TruGuard Gutters 

TruGuard is designed to keep your gutters clog free and flowing strong for good. They're cost effective and backed by a lifetime warranty. TruGuard gutters will ensure your home is protected from chronic gutter problems like clogging, warping, and freezing, and you'll never have to climb a dangerous ladder to clean gutters again. 

All TruGuard gutters fit any roof, are installed in a single day, and every gutter installation comes with a complimentary gutter cleaning. For more information, simply get in touch with our team at (631) 218-0241 or (877) 279-6077.

Perma Thaw Gutters

When it comes to the winter months, there’s no better solution for hassle-free gutters than Perma Thaw Gutters. This innovative technology is already improving the lives of homeowners all across America who have struggled to keep their gutters free from ice and snow build up. The process is as simple as it is effective. The Perma Thaw system involves having a cutting edge low-level heat cable carefully placed in the “m-channel” part of the gutter system. The gutter protection system is then placed on top leaving a completely natural looking gutter that is always flowing and free from ice and snow. Many of our valued customers are already reaping the rewards of a Perma Thaw Gutter installation and can be safe in the knowledge that their homes are permanently free from snow and ice damage. What are you waiting for? Make the investment today and protect your home all through the winter for years to come!
Installation of plastic leaf guards
Call (631) 218-0241 or (877) 279-6077 for the best in home improvement services!
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